11 comments on “Where’s the orange cap?

  1. You are absolutely right about playability. When I was young I played with Megatron so much I actually wore him out and made my parents purchase a new one for me! It is also an interesting bit of history and shows just how different the world was in 1984. Nice coverage, looking forward to more.

    • Thanks for the comments! The historic aspect of Megatron was really the first thing that drew me towards this figure. It really is remarkable. It’s a good thing I purchased 2 of these guys because I’m sure I’ll be messing around with one a lot!

  2. I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but I never cared for Megs’ big accessories. I was fortunate enough years ago to own a boxed version of the vintage Japanese 16 issue. He had blue where the U.S. version has red, a different color gray plastic, could shoot yellow pellets and had a big chromed sword!

    Great review.

    • Thanks man! I also have the chromed sword that came with the TFC reissue. It’s a nice touch, but I don’t know if Megatron will be throwing it around for me too often. I might try using it on another figure.

  3. Nice post. Like the photos and like the write up.
    Megatron has ever been one of my favourite toys till today. Like Flywheels, I don’t much care for the black plastic accessories, except once in a while when I want him to be a badass silencer.
    I still remember my first thoughts on getting Megatron in 1984… i was just blown away with how the designers were able to conceptualise transforming a gun into a robot in such a cool, unique and unconventional way.

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