4 comments on “He’s the one that doesn’t talk, right?

  1. Hey Matt, Big Dawg from TFW. Like the blog- it will be an interesting read as it develops. I’m kinda dong the same thing (G1, not a blog lol) and I’ve found it gives me the same feeling that you are conveying here (even though I am old enough to get these guys when they first came. I grabbed a few minibots/pocket formers recently myself, and I went with the bumblebee from the encore release that has the anime accurate head. It’s pretty sweet. I got a sweet mint condition shockwave recently too (got him for a FE Bulkhead) and I would definitely recommend him. He’s big, he’s loud, and he’s Shockwave lol.

    • Big Dawg, good to hear from you man and thank you for reading the blog. It’s funny that you mention Shockwave as I’ve aggressively been trying to get one … and I’ve lost 3 auctions! Lol I’m glad you’re also trying to collect the G1 figures. It’s probably the most fun I’ve had collecting. Enjoy the journey and stop by here to share your thoughts!

  2. Nice love letter, er’ I mean review. Short and sweet just like Bumblebee himself. This guy gets a lot of shit but I love the character and I will always hear DG’s voice in my head when I think about him. Heels on wheels!

  3. I have that same hat! Anyhoozle, I love reading your reviews about the first generation of Transformer toys. I plan on building up my own collection myself.

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