14 comments on “Collecting suckerpunch – I’ve been KO’d

    • I usually do quite a bit of research when buying vintage G1 figures, but for whatever reason this Starscream figure stumped me. It’s a lesson learned though and I know a little bit more about the hobby now! Thank you for providing the website. It’s always good to have more resources.

  1. Really interesting detective work. I confess that when I pointed out the canopy on your original post, it did not even occur to me that it might be a Diaclone KO body mixed with authentic parts, but that does make a lot of sense now that you mention it, especially in light of the lack of a date stamp. Well, in any case, there are a lot worse things that could happen than ending up with a vintage Diaclone KO. I think it’s pretty cool actually, as a kid I always wished my Starscream toy had an orange cockpit like the show and comic.

    I’m enjoying following this collecting journey on your blog, keep up the great work!

    • LOL yeah your comment really just sparked my interest and I started asking around while doing my own research. It was really interesting to find out the stuff I did regarding this figure. Even though I got duped and it is a KO, it’s still very neat to have an early Diaclone representation in the collection!

      Thank you though for pointing it out and thank you even more for reading my blog. It really is appreciated as it’s always cool connecting with fellow collectors.

  2. Holy cow! You’ve stumbled across the first transforming robot I ever got! My mom got if for me at my local mall at a store called Coach House Gifts, and I was too young to tell the difference between bona fide Transformers and others. I was just so psyched to have one of those Transforming robots I was seeing all over the TV. Thanks for blogging about your experience, and for the trip down memory lane. Keep on blogging, I’m enjoying it so far!

    • Thanks for reading the blog J! It’s cool that you were able to read this and kind of reconnect to your childhood. That was one of my goals of doing this: recreate those nostalgic feelings. I hope you continue to enjoy reading the journey; thanks for the support!

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