4 comments on “Phase 4

  1. One of the things I think is really interesting about Mixmaster is that even though the transformation is simplistic, there’s a certain unusual complexity to it for an early G1 toy. What I mean by that is that most G1 toys would either extend the cab straight down and maybe flip out some feet, or rotate the entire cab around. But instead, here the windshield and grill remain immobile and flip THROUGH the cab as it rotates around. It’s a somewhat clever and unusual bit of engineering for what was (at the time) one of the more inexpensive toys in the line.

    Been enjoying your blog, keep up the good work.

    • That’s a very good point about Mixmaster. The simplicity just seems to work for this figure and that’s in large part because of the engineering you mentioned. It really is hard to put this figure down and stop transforming it!

      Thank you for reading the blog! I hope you continue to enjoy it Hugh!

  2. This is an awesome post. Great photography, and I love the comparisons. Fact is, looking through your pictures actually makes me respect MakeToys’ “Giant” figure a lot more because I didn’t realize just how much of an homage it IS to the original individual bots. Great work.

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