9 comments on “Sunstreaker – “They can’t beat the best.”

  1. Sunstreaker’s alt mode kicks so much ass. I love it. It might be my favorite Autobot Car mold. I agree with you that the transformation is neat for its time and the history of the mold makes it essential. I do wish something could be done about those arms. They’re just a touch too long anyway, but the real thing that makes people complain about him looking like he has gorilla length arms is really because the shoulders are so low. If there was some way to rotate them up higher it would make him just about perfect.

    • Absolutely agree about the gorilla arms. It was unfortunately one of the first things I noticed about the figure. Even with that, that’s pretty much the only shortcoming I can find in this figure. It’s such an awesome toy – glad I got him!

  2. Great post!

    Seeing this article, makes me really want to track down a “fresher” version of good old G1 Sunstreaker. My childhood 1984 version is missing the back piece you mention. Which isn’t too bad considering that’s all I’m missing. Mr. Yellow Ears is by far my fave.

    • Glad you liked the post Andrew! After I saw you get your Henkei Sunstreaker it really, really made me appreciate the G1 a little more and actually makes me wanna track down a Henkei myself. Sunstreaker is awesome and it’s very easy to see how he’s your favorite.

  3. Great article! You really go in depth in your research for these reviews! I never realized that the kibble in the back was supposed to be a jet pack either. When I decided to start collecting again, Sunstreaker was the first guy I got from eBay.

    • Thanks for the compliment! I try to be in depth but to the point … hopefully I’m conveying my thoughts appropriately! But yeah, Sunstreaker has a ton of history to him – including the jet pack! There’s still a ton of stuff I didn’t cover in my post. Thanks again for readying and enjoy YOUR Sunstreaker as well 😉

  4. The timing of your post is impeccable. I just purchased a Diaclone “Sunstreaker” and I’m working on a post for my blog. Sunstreaker will always hold a special place in my book as he was my first Autobot car I owned as a kid. May not be the best ’84 Autobot toy, but still a must own piece.

    • Oh man that’s awesome! I’ll look forward to that blog post! Congrats to you on that purchase! But yes, Sunstreaker is an awesome toy. I really have continued to grown quite fond of this figure. Maybe I can track down a Diaclone Sunstreaker some day! 😉

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