14 comments on “Encore Fortress Maximus – Who else is excited?!

  1. Oh I absolutely can’t wait. If you’ve been watching eBay you’ve already seen the flood of vintage FM’s people are trying to unload before the reissue hits. It is hilarious. I’ve never been in it for the money, so I couldn’t care less about the value dropping on the vintage pieces. Actually it will be great because I will now be able to pick up a Japanese C-114 at a reasonable price! I can’t decide if I will get the reissue or not though. It is very tempting.

    • If I wasn’t getting married this year I probably already would have tried getting one of the vintages on eBay! The prices are dipping a bit … regardless, I’m so excited for this reissue. I’m with you – the monetary value means nothing to me. Thanks for reading!

  2. I don’t even collect anymore, and even *I* preordered this. I feel an obligation to the me of a decade ago, the me that DID collect and would have freaked out about a Fort Max reissue. I had a Brave Max at one time but had to sell it somewhere along the way and always would have preferred Fort Max anyway.

  3. I’m glad they are re-issuing him. I’m not biting as I have a vintage one I’m still trying to piece together, but I’m glad you and others like yourself will finally be able to own him. He’s one freak-tastic brick!

    I think I have a little over $300 invested in mine with only the hips cannons, both ramps, Cog/Gasket and Cerebros’ gun left to buy. With vintage prices dropping maybe I can FINALLY complete mine!

  4. I have the vintage one from when I was a kid, and I’m still getting the reissue. I could care less about value, I just want two Fort Maxes, one on each side of my base area of my collection acting like bookends. Sweet.

  5. Man…99 bucks at Toys R Us back in the day…..I’m pretty sure Time Travel would destroy the collector market. Lol. I’m okay with Reissues as well, I have encore Metroplex, Soundblaster and Twincast, they’re all awesome and have a place in my G1 shelf.

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