8 comments on “Omnibot Downshift

  1. Downshift was the one Omnibot I didn’t get as a kid, even thought I sent away for him like the other 2. I guess they didn’t have enough in stock so instead I got a letter from Hasbro for GI Joe with extra Joe Points as a concession (wtg Hasblow). Regardless, I personally picked up mine at BotCon 2010 and he’s an awesome little figure. The Omnibots have a special place in my G1 memories, and custom concepts for the trio are always at the top of my personal customizing list. One day…

    • That’s crazy that you never got one Andrew! Glad you eventually found one though. As always I’d be really interested to see what custom ideas you’d have for Omnibots, especially Downshift. I’d love to see those completed. Thanks for reading bro!

  2. All of the Omnibots are really interesting, they’re so different both aesthetically and in the transformation from other figures of that time period. Camshaft in particular reminds me more of a Gobot than a Transformer. But I think Downshift is my favorite of the three.

  3. Downshift. I like this Omnibot. In alt. mode he’s acutally an earlier MKII Celica Supra, 1983 or earlier. Love those cars. Used to own one. Needless to say that’s why I’m a fan. Most of the time however i’ve seen them with Decepticon badges on them. It’s nice to know, after reading this, what it truely was.

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