8 comments on “Fortress Maximus – “Prepare for war, but strive for peace.”

  1. I just received my Encore Fortress Maximus yesterday, and he indeed is glorious.
    Looking at your excellent pictures, I couldn’t help but notice that one of your Headmaster Spike’s thighs seems to have been assembled the wrong way around 😦 . Unfortunately, more small proof that the QC on this FM was not 100% up to scratch. I didn’t actively look for faults on my Spike’s legs, but now I am curious if mine is assembled properly: going to have to check that after work.

    • Hmmm I’m not sure I’m seeing where Spike’s thigh was mis-assembled. Help me out, what are you seeing on Spike that I’m not? lol Thanks for reading by the way 🙂

  2. Your Spike’s right thight should have been assembled with the slight curvature located at the back when he’s in robot mode. On yours, it shows the curvature at the front: his left leg is assembled properly, with the curve at the back. If you carefully compare both his thighs, you’ll find they are oriented differently.

  3. I know you said that your collection is boxed up, but I’d love to see Fort Max pictured with some other G1 guys as a size comparison

  4. Congrats on getting him. 🙂 And with the case of the eyes, I wonder if that was an overlooked QC issue, as they said some had to be delayed. No clue why. But if it helps, just look it as the glow radiating from his eyes. 🙂

    As for me… I simply cannot wait until mine arrives. Granted, I will have mine graded for preservation, but that is because I want my future kids (and their kids) to see what a great toy this is. Because even thinking about the Headmasters toyline makes me feel that way.

    So I hope it has a great spot in this home and any others you may have… And that they reissue the others in the end. 😉

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