About me

My name is Matt, aka Matty, or StayingInTheBox. You can find me on Twitter, Flickr, and the best Transformers fan site: TFW2005. I am also a contributing author for the TFsource Blog, writing both review focused articles and creative.

Transformers is my hobby and my passion. I have been collecting since I was a kid and continue to do so today. I can find enjoyment in nearly everything about the Transformers brand: cartoons, movies, comics, and the toys. I love the hobby and enjoy being able to contribute to the Transformers Fandom.

My favorite series from the 30+ years of Transformers is Beast Wars. This series and toy line was my first opportunity I had to actively participate in. I watched the show coming home from school and then could go to the store to purchase the toy versions of my favorite characters.

My first exposure to Transformers was the 1986 animated movie. I watched that movie countless times growing up. Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime quickly became my favorite character and continues to be so today.

Matty (StayingInTheBox)

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