What is The G1 Journey?

What’s it like collecting G1 toys over 30 years after their initial release? That’s The G1 Journey. As an avid collector of Transformers, it has been a goal of mine to collect Generation 1 Transformers toys. G1 Transformers are the figures that sparked this passionate hobby for many and are in my opinion the foundation and reason why Transformers are so popular today. Although the G1 era is not necessarily my favorite from the many different faces of Transformers, they still capture my interest as strong as anything. They are the most recognizable, the most difficult to find in desired conditions, and the prize of many Transformers collectors.

The G1 Journey is a way to capture my thoughts when first laying hands on a figure from over 30 years ago. I didn’t grow up in the G1 era, so I will use this outlet to post my feelings, reviews, photos, and fun nostalgic thoughts every time I purchase a new G1 figure.

Being deeply invested in modern Transformers as well, I also want to see how these G1 figures stack up against several of their updated “Classics” and Masterpiece counterparts, an Evolution segment if you will.

As I progress through this, I will not be buying any KOs. All of my purchases will be original 1980’s Hasbro or Takara releases, while also being allowed to purchase official reissues to either save on money or simply to acquire a mint, new toy. Vintage 1980’s figures take priority.

Who knows how long this will take or how much money it will cost, but this is my absolute dream as a Transformers collector. To anyone who decides to read these stories I can’t thank you enough for showing support, but most of all, I hope my recollections of these figures bring some nostalgic feelings to you and you enjoy the journey as well.

From now until the last figure collected …


11 comments on “What is The G1 Journey?

  1. Matt, all the best on your journey. I’m heartened to hear that you won’t be looking at letting KOs enter your collection. I do hope that you keep that firm while going through your journey. It can be tough sometimes because the KOs are more easily available and cheaper. That said though, do be aware of exactly what has been KO-ed so that you don’t inadvertently purchase a KO piece. This site is useful for KO research – http://highendtfs.com/.

    Series 1 to Series 4 is a pretty large undertaking, especially since you appear to want them boxed as well. There are some pieces that are becoming very expensive in the last couple of years, especially the Series 4 ‘bots because most have never been reissued before.

    All the best and good luck!

    ~ HD

    • Thank you so much for the kind words and advice HD! It really means something to have this support from fellow collectors.

      The KO thing is definitely going to remain a firm policy. I want my collection to be authentic. It’s funny, I have a few KO G1s from my early childhood that I had NO idea were KOs. I look forward to the day I replace those with originals and be able to help distinguish KOs vs. originals for others. I appreciate you pointing out the website too; I’ll be using that throughout this process.

      Series 1-4 is a lot of figures. I think I counted and there are well over 180+. Although the boxes would be awesome to own with all of them, it’s not necessary. I’ll buy ’em when I can though.

      Again, thank you for the kind words and support. I hope you enjoy reading my updates every now and then!

      Best regards,

      • hey Matt, glad to hear you are standing firm against KOs! That website is very useful for telling KOs apart. The real danger in starting to collect G1 today is the extreme proliferation of the Zhong Jin KOs which from photos looks to be 90% genuine. And Zhong Jin has KO-ed almost the entire Series 1 and 2 Autobot and Decepticon line up. You can see why I’m worried for collectors. Looking forward to more updates from you!

  2. I just stumbled upon this site. Good luck in your journey! I recently ramped up my efforts to complete my G1 collection as well and let me tell you, the fear of K.O.s is really slowing me down. Keep it up and I look forward to reading more about your efforts.

    • Thanks for stopping by for a read! The KO aspect of collecting is scary, but it’s unfortunately something we all have to be aware of. If you ever have some good advice let me know! Thanks again and please continue to enjoy the blog.

  3. Nice story my man, I’m kinda on the same journey.

    I’m on TF 2005 too as doucoo.

    I hate KO’s and hopefully I’ve managed to avoid any through the years!

    Got quite a few TF’s and hoping to get them in a shelf soon.

    Feel free to contact me if you like, always good to hear from other TF fans. My wife hates them but sees them as a necessary evil to have a great hubby like me!

    • Douglas, thanks for stopping by and reading some of my posts. I tell you it is such an advantage in collecting to have people collecting like I am or have already done the whole thing!

      I hope you’re enjoying collecting these figures as much as I am. Continue to stop by Douglas and post some of your thoughts as well! Thanks again man.

  4. Nice story mate, I am on the similar journey only 29 figures left to go.

    I have been collecting since I got my first Transformer 28yrs ago when I was 2 (it was Optimus Prime)

    Keep up the good work it will be worth it in the end.

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