Transformers Photography

*** Although “The G1 Journey” will always have a G1 centered focus, I’d like this section to be a place to show off some other aspects of my collection. I collect a wide range of Transformers from all eras and on occasion other toy lines. This section will be small, but it’ll showcase some of my other photos that I have taken. Enjoy ūüôā ***


Cybertron Optimus Prime 

Cybertron Optimus Prime (2)





















G1 Scale Chart (Just for fun) 

G1 scale guide





























BotCon 1997 Packrat and Fractyl

Universe Powerglide

Classics Powerglide (3)

Classics Powerglide

Mech Ideas: Demolition Crue – Apex and Geminus

Apex (2)


Apex (3)

Apex (4)

Geminus (2)


Geminus (3)


Henkei Cosmos

Henkei Cosmos (5)

Henkei Cosmos (4)

Henkei Cosmos

Masterpiece Soundwave

MP_Soundwave (5)

MP_Soundwave (6)

MP_Soundwave (7)

Generations Wheeljack


Masterpiece, Classics, and G1 Grimlock

G1 Grimlock (35) copy

Classics Grimlock (5)

MP Grimlock (5)  Classics Grimlock (4)

MP Grimlock (11)

G1 Grimlock (9)

iGear Hench

Transformers Prime Rumble

iGear Minibots

GDO Classics Hot Spot

Classics Stepper

TF Prime Dreadwing

TFC Structor

TFC Exgraver

TF Prime Vehicon

Toys ‘R Us exclusive Masterpiece Thundercracker

Fall of Cybertron Shockwave 

Transformers Prime Weaponizer Optimus Prime 

TFC Heavy Labor 

GDO “Asia Exclusive” Cliffjumper¬†

GDO “Asia Exclusive” Wheelie

FansProject Steelcore – alt mode

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